tiistai 11. toukokuuta 2010

Today's minies

I did the dividing wall to the bedroom and bathroom. It's not fixed yet as I need to add some stuff for the bathrooma and have to do the door also - which I don't feel like doing right now :)
I filled the basket next to the fireplace with little pine cones, they can be little fire starters :)

Here's the view from bathroom:
The whole thing:

I also did a waste basket for the atelier

And this little compact powder case, it's missing the thing you put it in your face :) In the pics is Treefeathers fab Gray's anatomy book :)

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  1. I think the house is getting more and more fabulous! I haven't been able to respond often but I do follow your progress, and I love every bit of it! You are going so fast! building a completely decorated house in a few weeks/months where I'm allready working on mine for several years!! You're doing such a wonderfull job

  2. It is looking really well with such a wonderful details. And the house look cosy ;)

  3. Cozy, is exactly what my thoughts were. I love that wall paper in the bed room and the bath is looking great!

  4. It is perfect!!! Nice work :D
    Synnøve :)

  5. Everything looks so nice in your house, well done!

  6. The house looks really beautiful Ira! Great work!

  7. It's even more magical now that the bathroom is closed in -- isn't that interesting? The difference in light quality between the bed/sitting room and the bathroom is extraordinarily beautiful!

  8. You have such a great eye for detail. I bet your real house is gorgeous.

  9. Hi Ira,
    your work is every day better!I love the toscana house and I follow every progress you made!

  10. ingenious arrangement of the room and bathroom!
    what a pity we can only see from above!

  11. I can feel myself wanting to live in this house!! It's fabulous, Ira, and not having everything immediately to view is intriguing - Making houses with the roof lifting off (instead of a wall) would be a much better system for minis. It would make them far more real.
    Love it!!

  12. It's just gorgeous Ira - love all the little details and how nice the new bathroom mat is :)

  13. It all looks so wonderful. :)

    You could make a powder puff, that shouldn't be hard.

  14. Ira it is wonderful. I just love all the tiny details.

  15. This woman who lives here must be a wealthy doctor :) She leaves her pearls hanging in the bathroom wall . Your room is looking really good.It is a pity that some of the details will be hidden by a roof or a door. I can understand your reluctance to do both.

  16. Thank you all so much :) Dale, yes, I'm doing the puff, I thought of using 2 layers of thin felt and a ribbon, just didn't get myself around to do it as I hate cutting round things - they never end up being round :D

    Sans - nope, those are a just a cheap plastic ones, but she likes to show off a bit ;) I actually glued them on the wall, as I couldn't get them hang realistically. And yes, it's a pity that for example the shower can't been seen once I put the roof up, but I actually like that there's rooms that you don't have full view and anyhow you can see most of the bathroom from the door and window :)

    I'm currently drawing the floor plan for my NY apartment as I have to figure out how the toilet is partially visible in there - I might position a mirro so that when you open the door you can see the toilet via the mirror, otherwise it would be totally hidden. Or if I would be smart (and lazy) I just could have the toilet door and leave the space empty - so much easier, but I can't do it as it would always bother me so much to know that there isn't a loo :D

  17. Last night my connection was so slow that I had to quit writing this comment.
    Ira, you are brilliant!
    This house fascinated me when not had walls or accessories: it was his soul that spoke to us through you!
    Now I understand why: is a jewel and I think reflects something about you...

  18. So many beautiful details, the bathroom is wonderful.

  19. Esta genial!!!
    Estas cuidando mucho los detalles, me encanta, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension