tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2010

What a nice packages I got today :)

I got today wonderful packages from Tom Saunders, Jody and ... Rachel! Yes, your lost package arrived today! It was sent on 1.4. so it's been on it's way for 1,5 months :)

The fabulous table is from Tom Saunders, it's amazing, so wonderfully done, just perfect :) On the table there's a fab basket of peaches from Jody and she has added some loose peaches for me as I'll try to do a small peach tree for my Toscana houses garden. She has popped in the package also lots of Christmas candy, some cute snowflakes and these fab mini angel statues. Thank you so much Jody :)

And then there's this long lost package from Rachel - I'm so happy that it found it's way to me as in the package were these wonderful things:

Mini punches for flower making, I've been trying to find them but haven't got any luck. And this wonderful orchid kit from Bonnie Lavish,  it will have the perfect home in my NY apartment :)

I'm happy and thank you all so much :)

11 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely gifts!!!How lucky that at the end they arrived to you!!!

  2. Very Beautifull things! Lucky Ira!
    I love the peaches!Jody you are very good to make them!
    The punches are very good to make the flowers.
    I've made the flowers for you not with kits but with punches.
    Now you have to do a lot of gardening!!!:-)

  3. Enhorabuena por tantos detallitos, son una preciosidad!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. What wonderful miin's and presents! I love the table. :o))

    There is hope then for a parcel that I haven't received yet, it was posted from the USA (one believes) on the 30th March! :o(

    Michelle xxx

  5. wonderful gifts- and I LOVE your new blog layout!! The table is gorgeous and Jody's peaches look good enough to eat!!

  6. Thanks you all :) Michelle, we were sure with Rachel that the package is lost for good, but no :) Hope that you receive yours :)

    Kim, thanks and yes, Jody's peaches are fab, I think that I have to order some more :D

    Sonya, yes, should do a lot of gardening, but now my real garden need a lot of work as the weeds are growing too fast!

  7. What wonderful things! Peaches with those rosy cheeks, shall be a great desire!
    The table is a work of art and the angels very cute.
    The day gave the fruit, literally :-)

  8. Well, yes, as your package arrived also, thank you so much, they are really wonderful :)

  9. Beautiful gifts! the table is wonderful. A kiss. Stephanie.

  10. The table with the peaches looks great!!
    Isn't Tom's work fabulous!

  11. Hi, Ira, I totally managed to miss this post of yours! Wow, the table is AMAZING. A real work of art! And how wonderful to have Jody's package show up after all this time :) Great punches, and the orchid kit looks fun!