tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2010

And more packages :D

There were still 2 packages in the post office from Italy that I had to pick up - the other was some shopping from Piccole Tentazioni and the other from Flora :) 

First the shopping:

These all are going to my Lily house for which I'm slowly collecting some items. The porcellain stuff is wonderful quality as is the side cabinet.

And then to Flora's wonderful gifts:

I love all of it, everything has already moved to my Toscana house :) I'll take some pics later on when I get something done with the house. Thank you SO much Flora, your minis are wonderful :)

And here's some pictures of my garden blooming right now, I love the tulips :)
(Ignore the weeds)

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  1. Damn! I lost my last comment! Grrrr ....

    I really love the china and sideboard -- the quality is exquisite! I feel I must pay a visit to that site ... :)

    Flora's packages are so sweet! And the contents are indeed perfect for the Toscana! I love that painting by da Vinci, and the dishes and textiles are adorable! Flora is a such a kind person ...

    I never bother looking at weeds, I always concentrate on the flowers, and yours look so fresh and lovely! I really like those clusters of pink tulips -- so pretty!

  2. Oh, I love the minis, but even more, I love your garden!!! so beautiful- I hope you continue to share more pictures! I have to laugh because I say the same thing every time I show someone my garden- ignore the weeds :) I don't see the weeds here- just gorgeous flowers♥

  3. Your garden is fantastic!
    Compliment Ira! You are good with plants!

  4. Hi Ira I'm very happy that you went to Piccole Tentazioni. Beatrice is a sweet lady and her goodies are so nice.Flora's gifts are very clever too and will be perfect in your house. I shall not say anything on the garden; I'm a tad jealous!

  5. Everything's beautiful - the minis, the garden - especially the tulips!

  6. Ah, I'm happy that my package has arrived safe and sound!
    Btw, today I'm late with comments on the post because I had a lot to do (and the baby is crying again :-(
    I had not realized that you had posted the news!
    I am happy that you like everything: I did with my heart but my ability is negligible :-)
    All purchases are fantastic, the cabinet is beautiful!
    This Lily house is already well!
    Your garden is a breath of spring and I understand why you spend on him so passionately...
    A hug

  7. Enhorabuena por tus regalitos y compras, son todo una maravilla.
    Tu jardin esta precioso!!!

    besitos ascension