sunnuntai 2. toukokuuta 2010

New things for Toscana house

Here's what I've done for the Toscana house
A shelf for paintings and a portfolio (behind the painting on the floor). I changed the cabinet, as I couldn't fit a warderope on the bedroom, so the clothes are stored in the atelier :) I also filled the basket underneath the table with sketchbooks and on the holder on the table there's a spatula. Also did an ivy on top of the warderope.
Also did a small ivy for the bedroom, it's growing on a metal frame, but you can't see it in the picture.
For the kitchen I made a small open shelving to get some more storage space :)
Also did a dish cloth for the kitchen and filled the sideboard (on the background) with table linen and did a small topiary. I might move to the topiary to the livingroom if I manage to do some lavender and pelargoniums :)

Now off to do some more minies :)

10 kommenttia:

  1. Very beautifull house!!congratulations! a kiss.

  2. I love all your little projects, Ira, and how they add so much detail to the scenes. The atelier is beautiful -- I long to have a space like that, but I know it wouldn't stay perfect for long :) And the photo of the kitchen is very atmospheric.

  3. Que maravilla, cuantos detalles has hecho!!!
    Animate ha hacer las flores, seguro que te quedan genial.
    Las que has hehco estan preciosas.
    besitos ascension

  4. It looks better and better. I love all your new details.

  5. Fabulous as usual. Super new accessories. With all your usual style. XXX

  6. I'm loving this project Ira, such a soft ambience, and so many details to give life to all the rooms.

  7. Es una habitacion con mucho encanto...Todos los detalles quedan perfectamente.

    Un besote¡

  8. Thanks you all :) It's fun to do all the small stuff and a great way to avoid doing the roof :D

  9. O my! You are so fast and it all looks so great! Love the details you've added like the portfolio and sketchbooks and the photo of the kitchen gives a great look!

    groetjes Evelien

  10. Hi Ira. I like all the news. Uniformity of colors is very pleasant and conveys a sense of serenity.
    Kisses, Flora