sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Poe house coming together, but no pics today :(

I've put the Greenleaf Primrose aka Poe's kitchen together and attached already one of the Orchids walls to it, but can't take any pics as the cameras batteries are out and don't have any spare ones :(  I decided no to have the attic room in the Primrose so the kitchen has really high ceiling, have to add some beams.

But I can tell you that Poe's kitchen has gone really black today and I managed to figure out (by mistake of course) how to do very realistic reptile scales to a wall :D So, Poe's kitchen has this black reptile scale walls with some wooden beams, black of course :D Sounds pretty weird, I know but I really like the result.  I haven't yet attached the door wall as I'm not sure what to do to this wall.

I'll try later on how my mobile takes the pics, doubt that they are good ones.


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