torstai 6. toukokuuta 2010

Finally some progress :)

I've been working on the Toscana houses bathroom as I have to get the interior done before I can put all the walls on. I also stole the sleigh bed from Poe's house and did some bedding on it. And painted it as I found today more of the Waco glass paint :D

I did those "parfume" bottles and the silver jar today as I found also these nice pearls from the shop :)
And here's the shower curtain and some towels, the other one is actually toilet paper :D

I got also some "candle" light in the livingroom, painted the bulb with golden glass paint

And there's some food in the fridge :)

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  1. Comparing to me and my slow work you are working like a thunder Ira! I love the bed! The bottles and the bathroom's curtain and clothes are great. The light in the livingroom gives so much warm.

  2. You are working so quickly. The rooms are lovely. It looks like someone has already moved in!

  3. it looks really lovely, Ira, the parfume bottles are so nice and I love your fridge

  4. It's fabulous - I wanna go and live there!!

  5. It is just wonderful Ira! I am also ready to move in. ;-)
    Where did you find that tiny fridge? I really like it.

  6. Ewa - well, you do mansonary work and all this fab tiling, I work with cardboard, it's way faster :D

    Carol, Michelle - thank you so much :)

    Glena, Catherine - well, there's only one bed so you have to discuss who's sleeping on the sofa (which is quite uncomfortable, do I have to change it?) The fridge is from Finland, I think it's meant for the Lundby or similar kids dollhouse. They have washing machines etc. also and some of them are battery operated ie. they have the sound. If you need one, I can order it to you if you don't find any. It should be under name Miele, I can see if I have the package still.

  7. The fridge looks fab. I love these extra hidden details.
    My gorgeous gifts arrived today. Thank you so much.

  8. You get so much done it is amazing. Love the bottles, shower curtain and towels, the shiny paint on the bed looks great. And it is nice to see a well-stocked fridge.

  9. I love the details and atmosphere you put in your dollhouse! Too bad the bed and the sofa are already taken ;)

    groetjes Evelien

  10. Ira, you are so clever with the toilet paper :). The perfume bottles are very well made too. I see people improving on bottles all the time and they just get more and more sophisticated, like yours :).

    Love these Miele mini fridge and washing machine. They are so cute! Everything is coming together really nicely :)

  11. Great miniatures. I love the bed and the fridge with all the food.

  12. Wonderful atmosphere! Bathroom is great!

  13. Hi Ira. It's all very nice and fine figure. The bathroom is simple and elegant and beautiful perfume bottles. Not to mention the bed: the finish that makes him so unique! Excellent :-)

  14. i love it, veery beautiful.


  15. That first picture made me think of a luxurious hotelroom, and I would love to book a room!!!!
    The whole house looks great and I see a lot of beautiful details :D

  16. First I wanted to thank you for all your nice comments on my blog! Unfortunately I'm not always doing the same, but i like you to know I absolutely love your blog!

    The bathroom is amazing and I love the little mirrors on your wall, it is a great idea and if you don't mind I like to use the idea for my little toilet as well.

    I also like the fridge, the little people do not have to worry they will be hungry!


  17. Oh you have worked a lot and quickly. I like a lot the bed that have inserted in the house. Resemble to the bed of my uncle in the house of my grandmother!
    I adore the mirrors that you have put on the wall of the bath.Have you done them you or have you bought them?Very chic!I also like very much the white candelabrum and the pictures that you have put in the sitting room..I don't it a special touch.
    To make you the compliments seems me superfluous but I does you them the same.

  18. Congratulations for such lovely works!!!
    I love all the photos you have shown!!! It's such a pretty house!!!

  19. Thank you so much for your comments, you all gave me a smile on my face :)

    Evelien, I could add a matress on the floor? Or a hammock on the garden? It never rains here :D

    Sabiha - of course I don't mind :) The small mirror collection is something I would love to have in my bathroom, but there's no wall space for one.

    Sonia - The biggest one is made from Kinder egg supise, the white ornate one is a ready bought, I just painted it. The cream simpel one is a 1:12 picture frame, just painted it and added the mirror. I need a couple of more, at least one black one.

    And all of you who liked the fridge, the distributor is

    Now off to do something.

  20. Then I choose the hammock! O my, there will be a file for the bathroom with so many women ;)

  21. Que buen trabajo y que rapida!!!
    Me gusta todo muchisimo.
    El cuarto de baño genial con tantos detallitos, el salon una maravilla y me ha hecho mucha gracia la nevera con tanta comida guardada
    Una preciosidad!!!!

  22. Your Toscana house is looking so real and fabulous!! I love the bathroom, especially the pearl perfume containers. The bed, everything is wonderful.

  23. I love it all but I especially love the fridge and all it's contents :-)