maanantai 10. toukokuuta 2010

Wonderful gifts from Michelle :)

Look what wonderful things the postman just brouhgt:

The wooden spoons and the rolling pin are fab, the trays just perfect for my bakings, the scoops just waiting for a sack of flour and the little cupcake cookbook has text inside!

Thank you so much Michelle, they are all wonderful and I can tell you that I've tried to do some wooden spoons failing miserably so they are really needed :)

Now I feel bad for negleting the Bakkery for a long time, I think that I need to do some work in there this week. I need some lights, for the kitchen I can make them myself but for the shop area I have to order some, I found the perfect lights from Ray Storey, just have to order them . And the shop needs tons of cakes etc. as the dog, Hemse, ate most of my DIY cakes - well, a pretty good customer, not too picky :D The idiot ate also some Fimo cakes, I don't know if the dogs have any taste buds??? Well, she loves horse shit, so maybe Fimo tastes good also. And the salt dough. Which I can't understand as salt is used to make dogs puke. She also left a nice memory of being the first customer, a big drool mark on the wall... If you have too boring life with a clean home, go and buy some Rhodesian ridgebacks, problem solved :D

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  1. LOL! Your dog is FUUUUUUNNY! :) Like you, I love the wooden cutlery that Michelle gave you! They will look good in your Toscana house as well.

  2. Indeed a wonderful gift for your bakery...

    I used to have a dog, that ate all my fimo fairydoors that I´ve placed on the trees in the garden... Something about fimo that makes does go yummi...

  3. I'm glad you like it, Ira ;-)
    Crazy dog you have ;-)))

  4. You have received some wonderful gifts, we hope that the dogs do not eat these sweet too, otherwise you can never inaugurated the pastry!
    Other hug

  5. Annie :D Good to know that someone other has had a crazy dog also :D I can imagine him - haa, fairy door, goodies! lol!

    Yes Michelle, I love them all, wonderful!

    Flora, yes, I hope that they leave the Bakkery alone now. The dogs are nice, but first of all their hair is all over the place and secondly they are nuts. One eats all my bakings and another one has eaten a chair and stairway railing and one idiot is sure that if something is in a box or in a plastic bag, it has to be something eatable, so quite often my craft stuff has been all over the floors, some of them nicely decorated with teeth marks...

  6. hah, i guess your dog has good taste! (ew. mine likes the horse poo too!)

    those tarts and wooden utensils are so cute.

  7. Such adorable gifts!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you order from Ray Storey. He's one of the artisans whose work I'd buy in immense quantity if I won the lottery (since we were speaking earlier about coveting things that are expensive and beautiful!)

  8. Lovely gifts!!! You are so lucky and believe should be very happy!!

  9. Enhorabuena, por tus regalitos!!!
    Me has hecho reir un monton, gracias!!!
    De momento no me aburro, cuando lo haga, me comprare un perro como el tuyo jejejejejejeejej
    besitos ascension

  10. Lovely gifts.
    By the way you never get bored with your dog.

  11. Brilliant loot!!

    Don't know about dogs, but we have a cat who can't resist certain foam-plastics, something about the chemical smell makes his eyes glaze and then he starts chewing . . . and then there's the vet bill for $900 for major stomach surgery because he got it stuck in his gut, on Christmas Day so the fees were double!! We've ejected all that type of plastic from the house. Good thing we love him; he's a high-maintenence animal and has been through at least five of his nine lives!

  12. LOL....cats aren't much better :-)

    Great gifts though...your bakery will look fab