lauantai 8. toukokuuta 2010

Yippee, walls :D

This is what I've been doing today:

Walls :D

The door took so long to do and I did a mistake while gluing the wall so the door doesn't close 100%, but I really don't care right now :)

I really like how the bedroom is looking, on the bed and on the nightstand there's a couple of books made by Treefeathers, they are really wonderful :) The wall light is my DIY one, it turned out quite nicely :) The bed still needs a patterned decorative pillow.

I still try to do the railings for the staircase today and some other finishing stuff, as the rest of the family is watching ice-hockey. I was going to do also the last bathroom wall, but can't as I need so many little things for the bathroom before I can close it up. It's quite stupid to do so much stuff to a room which will be visible only from the door and the window. But anyways, I want a couple wall hooks with jewellery hanging on them, a small pouch for small things, a shelving for hairspray etc. I want also to have a bathrope. So, lot's of small things to be done. And I'm not that good with the mini-mini things.

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  1. Ira, it looks quite, quite beautiful. I want to live here! The colours are so soothing and I really love the light fixture. You made it yourself? Sweet!

  2. Thanks you both :) Nina, the light is made from a small filigree and a couple of brass stampings. I painted all first roughly black and then painted the holes on the filigree with brown glass paint. It gives IRL this a bit reddish glow.

  3. Ira you are working hard, and the results are fabulous,


  4. Excelent results!!! What a lovely house!

  5. Nice picture above the bed!
    My pictures here

  6. How would "not good with Minies"?!
    You are very good and this work shows it in full! The fact that the bathroom did not see, makes it even more fascinating.
    The bed is equally beautiful, and I'll tell him that the white pillowcase used much.
    A big hug (I'm dying of sleep)

  7. I can't believe how fast you are first of all. Then to have such a gorgeous result. I love the wall paper in the bedroom. :-)

  8. Thanks ladies :)

    Flora - I mean the tiny mini things like shoes, handbags, jewellery etc. - they are too small things for my chubby fingers :D And I hate to sew so I use glue for everything. The pillow case is actually antique linen, made of my grandmothers old real pillow case :)

    Catherine, the wallpaper is by company called Itsy Bitsy Mini, they have fab papers :)

  9. The room is beautiful and I all your little details in the bathroom will be appreciated for those viewing through the door or window. I think a decortive little pillow over the brown one will just finish off the bed nicely.

  10. I really like it, it looks so cozy. I feel like I could walk in there and sit down on the sofa and feel very much at home. :)

  11. Brilliant ... really well made .... I want to live there :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  12. That wall paper is beautiful, Ira. Aren't you glad you didn't make the roof yet so you can take all these fab pics?

    How do you make all these progress and still have time to make progress at the Poe house?? Do you enjoy 48 hours a day? :) Like you, I too, make things for spaces that no one can see much of. I think it's a disorder..LOL :) but it makes us happy so who cares right? And if you blog about it and show pics, then people can see after all!

  13. Thanks :) Sans - well, the progress on Poe is buying thing ready and fixing the furniture, so not that much of work :)

    I'm stuffed right now, had a huge dinner at the mother-at-law's :) Really ate way too much!

  14. Esta genial!!!!
    Seguro que las cositas que quieres poner, aunque no se vayan a ver le daran un toque precioso al baño.
    Enhorabuena, he seguido tu proyecto y me encata como te esta quedando.
    besitos ascension

  15. Ihanan näköistä -kaikkialla! Kylppäri on mahtava ja niiiin kodikas tuo makuusoppi!

  16. I can't believe how fast you work! It is so gorgeous- and how enchanting it will be to peek in the door or the window and see all of those details- one of the things I love about dollhouses! Your hard work will be worth it- at least I would think so if I were the one peering inside :)