tiistai 4. toukokuuta 2010

So non-productive day.

I haven't gotten almost anything done today. Frustrating. Did the stables, walked the dogs, did grocery, that's it. Should have cleaned, washed laundry, some minies could have been done but no, just wandering around mindlessly :D I did paint the handles of some Warwick kitchen knives. And filled the Toscana houses fridge.

I'm having trouble of deciding how the bed should be, I'm probably going to steal the sledge bed from Poe's house as I would love to have a Tudor styled bed there.

I should start with the roof so I could do the dividing walls for Toscana house, but doing the angles is going to be hell as the house is not straight. So avoiding it big time. And I don't even want to think about doing the terracotta tiles for the roof...

I've been also thinking about the interior for the Poe's house, the kitchen is going to have tiled floor, don't know what to do for the walls. Living room is going to have highly polished mahogany wooden floor, which I have the material ready, only missing the stain. I've been thinking that panelled walls would look nice, also polished, but I would love to add some dark wallpaper.

Upstairs is going also have a wooden floor, I don't know yet if I'll do a bathroom or not, probably should.

The good thing about today that the internet connection is working properly finally after being shitty for 6 days. I've finally gotten some serious googling done and listened music from Youtube. Here's one amazing talent, I love his voice :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJVaeYgnSDY&feature=related And wouldn't I love to have that dark brown eyes, they are fab!

Now off to bed, maybe I get something done tomorrow :)

4 kommenttia:

  1. I've had a few days like that myself lately.
    Today is very very good so far, though - your parcel arrived - sooooo good, thanks!!
    Now Alan and I are off on a picnic to escape the coastal cold cloud. Up to the hills!!

  2. Ira you have so many plans for what you will do, so organised really. I think it is good to have a break from doing, so you can plan.

    Your work and enthusiasm is always inspiring and you are such a good dog mum, my boy needs a walk badly, perhaps to the beach later today, he loves the surf, have to watch he doesn't get swept away.

  3. After some break I usually have more ideas so that's good you have some off from the minis;)About that Poe house's walls - maybe the panelling only to half of the wall's hight and the rest covered with that dark paper?

  4. Well, a no-mini day helped a bit, I just figured out how to do the ceiling :) Now I just need to do a couple of lights and million little pieces for the bathroom before I can start working with the dividing walls.

    And got some of the real floors washed :)

    Glenda - it's nice that you liked them :)

    Margaret - Thank you for your really nice words :) I have to tell you, I hate walking with the dogs, as they are not the nicest ones if we meet a strange dog a person, so it's not relaxing.

    The Old Maid - that's what I'll do, now I just need to find the wallpaper :D