keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Fab books :)

The mailman brought today these fab books, they are made by Dateman books 4 books for Poe's house :)

Look at this tiny text

And a couple of books to the Toscana house

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  1. They are beautiful--your package of peaches is on its way to you! Hope it arrives safely and in a timely manner and thank you again!


  2. Oh, wonderful! Now my Toscana house gets some fresh fruit :)

  3. Oh Ira,these books are so beautifull!Perfect for Poe House.But as you can think I love the books for toscana house.Canaletto book and also Leonardo I can understand from photos.
    Very good shopping!
    I have made new miniatures and next week I'll send you. I hope you will like.When I is not every day..but I work a lot!
    Good night

  4. Ira,

    What great books!!! They are just perfect for both of your houses. :-)

  5. They are fabulous!

    I love it when you can actually read the mini books. :)

  6. Fantastico. Buen regalo.
    Besos Carmen

  7. Mmmmmm, mini books!! Thanks for the link, another site to drool over!

  8. They are beautiful....
    groetjes Ingrid

  9. Fantastic... you can actually read the words on the pages. Great books and great link. Thank you for making me drool together with Glenda :0) I also have wishes for specific books that I would love to have in Obsidian Hall. Bye for now...have to get some paper ready for my drooling when I browse the link...

  10. Also, check out Bo Press - Patricia Sweet makes great books-
    - she's also on Etsy


  11. Son una maravilla!!!!
    Son increibles, una buena adquisicion
    besitos ascension

  12. Dear Ira, this morning started my package :-)
    As a girl I read and reread Poe because I liked the slight discomfort that remains on even when the book is finished ... In part, my literary background and love for the noir comes from there.
    Your books are perfect, good buy :-)

  13. Sonya - what in earth are you doing, more minies for me? You're so nice :) I have an idea for you, but it's going to take some time to finish ;)

    Glenda and Annie - have a nice drooling time :D Don't destroy your computers by drooling too much :D And thanks Glenda, now I will be drooling also :D

    Flora - I like Poe's books also as they don't have this happy ever after-thing, which is quite boring as almost all movies and books finish so that you know from the start what's the end result.

  14. Wonderful books. Thanks for the link.