maanantai 24. toukokuuta 2010

For Sans mom - shock warning, ugly hands :D

Here's a pic to shock Sans mom with my no-nail eaten cuticles hands, hope that she'll recover easily :D
(If it makes things a bit better, you can tell her that this ugly hand is photographed on authentic Chinese antiqute table :D)

And to make the shock a bit milder, here's a couple of pics from my garden from last summer :D

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  1. Seriously... I love your garden pictures. How on earth do you manage to both keep the garden, the house, horses, dogs, husband and children and still have time to mini-ing and posting blog??? Of course you don´t have time for doing manicure ;0)

  2. That's your hand?!
    But I thought you had of gold!
    I can conclude that what I see is not one of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon...

  3. Ah .. my hands are small and thick. I am proud of my hands for a beautiful mini craft.

    Big flowers.


  4. Babe, I don't know what you are talking about. I don't mean to sound rude but surely you posted the wrong hands if you meant to show ugly ones. Shoot, maybe I should post mine instead and titled it "Will the real ugly hands please hands up?" ..hahaha Right now, I am typing with finger nails stained with dirty brown paint and a palm with white paint, some on my nose too. I am sorry but if I go wash up, I will never have time to catch up with all your posts :).

    I am bookamrking this page and said you dedicated it to mum. :) You have some gorgeous flowers and very top one looks like peonies which is my mum's all time favourite flower :):). She told me she wants to stitch peonies pillows as heirloom pieces :).

  5. Lisette, this was a kind of inside joke with Sans :D But I've noticed how handy longer nails would be in doing minies.

    Sans, these hands are quite clean now as I've been figting 2 hours with our plumbing - one toilet is jammed and I've been down in the basement opening the waste water pipes and sticking this long metal thing in there to open the pipes. So you can imagine that they are WASHED really well after that ordeal :D And the toilet is still jammed.

    And the first pic is actually a rose, I have to take some pics of my peonies when they start flowering, I have something around 40 of them in my garden and collecting more :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL garden pictures!!!! Oh how I would love to spend some time in your garden- you do a wonderful job with it ♥

  7. Well, I´m surprised, I would have thought, your hands (or at least your fingers) were green, as your sense of gardening shows. I love the picture, isn´t the pink rose a Jaques Cartier? I love old roses too.
    Love, Susanne

  8. ROFL Ira!!! My nails are short too, for me longer nails just get in the way when I'm trying to sculpt miniatures. Your garden is absolutely beautiful!

  9. I wish I had a garden, ehhh....Beautiful photos - all of them:)My nails are sometimes long but then again they are broken by building or making minis so usually are short too;)

  10. Susanne, I really don't know, might be - I have it in my garden, but have gotten so mixed up with the roses (over 100) so I don't know which is where anymore :D

    Fiver and Ewa, thank you, the garden looks quite depressing right now as it has been raining for 2 days and almost all the tulips have gone with the rain, hope that we get some sunshine soon :)

  11. Sans mother would be the first to approve of whatever your hands look like!! They work beautiful miracles, both in the garden and in your minis, and no doubt in a lot of other places!!

  12. The flowers is gorgeous and your hands are MUCH better than mine. And I donot even have te excuse of gardening. Have a nice day Rosanna