maanantai 31. toukokuuta 2010

Stuff for Mr.Snapes :)

I was feeling very Pottery so I decided that Mr.Snapes needs some gifts to brighten his day :D Here's what I've done for him - some potion bottles to fill his shelves
A basket of nuts (or what ever those are in the movie - Ewa, you can ditch this when you get an authentic looking one), a magical stone, a silver jar and a glass and stirrers by Ray Storey

And a Griffindor wand, he has confiscated it from someone :D

It comes in this little wand box

These witchy things are such fun to make :)

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  1. These are just fabulous.I want to make wand boxes for my collection. Did you make yours out of wood?

    Michelle xxx

  2. Wow! Ira! They are absolutely, faboulously, extremely fantastic!!!I love them all! Won't change anything and will put them all in his office I promiss!Thank you thank you thank you! The wand box is just beautiful! (Maybe you should think of selling minis made by you? I am pretty sure there would be a lot of people buying them!:)On behalf of Snape THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!;)

  3. Thank you all :) No, Michelle, they are made of cardboard and painted and then varnished :9

    Ewa - good that you like them and I really don't mind if you want to paint or alter something - the bowl isn't the same looking as the one in his table, so you can substitute when ever you want :) And well, I don't think my miniature crafting skills are on that level that I could ask some money for them, have to do lots and lots of practise still :D And Mr.Snapes is welcome, he can tell to the others that his skinny friends have been bribing him wishing that he someday will make them living again :D

  4. Ira, you are truely a very generous magician. You make the most genious gifts fitting exactly to the recievers dreams :0)

  5. Mr. Snapes will be so pleased, you make such wonderful items! Thank you so much for answering my question about the soaps, that's why they look so real. :)

  6. Great idea and fabulous items. :-)

  7. this house is a little dreary, but I like a lot, makes the right atmosphere for a writer of books thrillers!
    What is done with the nuts? I'm curious ...
    Also, thanks for your comments on my blog, I am honored!
    You saw the post of my "Panettone"???? you can see here:

    many kisses!!

  8. Ira, he will try. And hard, I promiss and if not, I will talk to him, I will! ;)

  9. Excellent work!!! You are a hard and perfect work in minis!!

  10. Caterina - thanks for the link, your Panettone is fabulous :) The bowl with nuts is going to Ewas Mr.Snapes office :)

    Ewa - He's going to need loads of more potion ingredients to manage wake those skeleton guys :D

    Meli, thanks a lot :)

  11. Oh,I know, ok, I just might help him with collecting them ;)

  12. Really cool love Snapes new goodies! Kate xxx

  13. Ira, thanks for the compliments for my Panettone! I do not understand with what they were made, the nuts ...
    bye, Caterina

  14. Caterina, the "nuts" are coriander seeds :)