sunnuntai 16. toukokuuta 2010

Something for Sans, something for Sonya and something for Poe :)

I've been today figuring out the layout of Poe's house and figuring out how to put together the 2 houses. I've done the slate tiles for the kitchen area, they are now drying so I'll do the floor tomorrow. I orderd a Chrysnbon dry sink for the kitchen as well as two Duxbury chairs. I'll try to do the wood burner stove myself. I also painted a hutch for the kitchen.

And no, Poe isn't going shabby, the two trays (they are actually light blue) and the roses are for Sonya's American house.

And I did something more for Sans, Mr. Poe (he'll be Poe for awhile) is hiding behind the ostrich fan. There's also a carpet that has a bit like Tree of Life motif on it and 3 brass cups.

I'm just having so much fun with skinny Poe, look how he's smirking behind the fan, he's just so funny :D

Now off to feed the horses.

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  1. Beautiful stuff! The hutch is looking great! I just love the way you're putting Mr Poe on the photos! He should be a Blogland's star in a minute!

  2. I'm really having such a fun time with him, that I'm seriously thinking of buying army of them and adding them to all my houses - I even might do a shabby chic pastelly house, a shabby pink skeleton could live there :D

  3. Ha ha ha :-)
    Mr. Poe has now become a constant friendly presence :-)
    The thing about you that I find extraordinary is that you are tireless! I like everything you made for our friends and I think they will be happy. Today I had to take a break for family reasons and are more tired than usual.
    I am very curious to see the kitchen of the house Poe.
    A hug

  4. Oh Ira!Thanks they are very beautifull.I would like finish the American house soon to put in it all the beautifull mini you have made for me!
    I'm very interest to see the structure of Poe house!It is a kit?
    Good night,I'must go bed now.

  5. Sonya, I'm joining together Greenleafs Primrose and Orchid so that the Primrose is the kitchen and the Orchid the living room, study, bedroom and bath.

    And good that you like them, I'm trying to find some nice stuff that in the colours that you're using in your house :)

  6. Thank you for the sweet post on my blog:))
    love Ingrid

  7. oooo, I love mine too, Ira! I am so moved by your generosity and kindness and thoughfulness, the list of adjectives goes on. I mean, to spend time to make all these wonderful things with all our themes in my mind. Like Flora puts it so succinctly, you are tireless, tirelessly sweet and giving.

    Thank you, my friend, I am a lucky gal :).

    By the way, Poe is not smirking, he is tickled pink by the feathers..I really like that fan by the way and the brass pots and the tree of life (overwhelmed that you remembered!!)

    I feel like I have won a giveaway, only better. :)

  8. Good that you like them, you can think this as a private give away :D Should I put some blush on Mr. Skellington? :D

  9. Yes please and maybe some eyeliner too like what the Indian Gods do ;p