tiistai 18. toukokuuta 2010

Welcome and Mr. Skellington Poe is doing some acrobatics :D

First of all, welcome Sandra and Sagrario R.R-R, nice to have you both here :)

Today when I came home from taking my son to football training I found Poe like this:

I don't know what the heck he has been doing, trying to chase the crow? Quite flexible little bone guy :D Well, my daughter (16) likes to arrange my stuff now and then to these not traditional positions :D Here you can see some items that are going to the kitchen, I painted the table yesterday using again the glass paint. It's actually ment for my Lily house, but it can stay here for a while as I won't be getting Lily done in the near future.

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  1. Oh I love the table! Must try it myself:)Your daughter must have a great sense of humor :) Poe is really flexible!

  2. Mr Poe is a great acrobat!!!!
    he cannot be hurt...it is already dead...:-)

  3. I do recognize the move Mr. S. Poe is doing... When I was younger I used to make danceperformence theater. And the exact same move was part of a skelton dance we did in a modern danceshow. I´ll tell you Ira, Mr. Poe is a very skilled dancer I can see...

  4. Sonya :D

    Annie - shh, don't tell him, otherwise he might start do some perfomances on the street :D

    Ewa - the glass paint is THE BEST thing ever made, now I'm just afraid that they might stop the solvent based on due some EU regulations - it's great that we have EU, I don't understand how we have could lived before without all these rules... The most idiotic what I know is that cucumbers have to be straight, if they're not, you can't sell them in the store. And the point is???

  5. Looks like he's inspecting the ceiling when you're not there.

  6. :D Well, that's a though job as the poor guy doesn't have a ceiling yet :D

  7. Ha ha ha :-)
    Lucky him that despite the age has no pain in lumbar vertebrae!!!
    The kitchen table is a marvel. The finish you have given him fits the style of the house.
    I love the Poe house :-)

  8. Parece mentira, solo tiene huesos y lo flexible que es .......jejejeje
    La mesa de la cocina es una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  9. Hey, Ira - I stole a pic of Mr S and put him on my blog, hope you don't mind! :)

  10. I knew you couldn't trust those skeletons - they've taken over your blog!!!

    I think you need to make them a house like the one on this amazing artists blog:


  11. Ha ha ha! Everyone is amused by Mr. Poe. It just goes to show "you can't judge a book by it's cover" as he is such a merry fellow though you might not think so at first glance. CM

  12. I had to laugh at poor Mr. Skeleton--although at least the blood isn't running to his head as my mother used to say it would when we stood on our heads! LOL! I like the kitchen ware!


  13. Jody - well, that's a good thing :D
    CM - yes, you never know, he's been laying in a box for a long time and now suddenly his this merry bony fellow :D
    Norma - thanks for the link :) And yes, skeletons are doing an invasion - I actually asked today how to prepare a real bird skeleton from a taxidermy guy :D
    Glenda - steal all you want :D I like the blog button :D

  14. If you want bird skulls, check out Patricia Paul's site -

  15. Oops, forgot to say - Patricia Paul has dressed skeletons in poses in her gallery.

  16. Thanks for the link, wonderful stuff :) I actually got instructions for having a clean skeleton - first you put the dead bird in a jar and let the maggots do their work. Then you cook it for 20 minutes in water that has a bit turpentine and clothes washing pulver. Then you leave it overnight in 5% hydrogen peroxide and that's it, quite easy :) Now I just have to find some dead birds.

  17. I used to know students at university who studied animals. They would get seals or dolphins which had been found dead on beaches or by fishermen, and then they would boil them slowly for two days - the stink was awful!! Their department had a specimen collection of skeletons/bones - I loved the tiny birds in matchboxes.
    And I have a friend who tried taxidermy, and collected birds killed on the roads. He was seen once by a bus full of Japanese tourists who all took photos - maybe they thought he was hungry!! And his freezer had birdsfeet poking out - yukk!!

  18. I can imagine the tourists taking pics :D I asked this guy about prices and small birds would be between 80-120 euros filled. I'll have to save some money - I've seen in one magazine this fab house where the taxidermy birds were sitting on braches in these glass bells :)

    And I'm quite used to dead birds and rabbits hanging around as my father hunts and in the old days he brought the animals home and did the work there - I had fun time looking at the birds stomachs what they've eaten :D

    And I can imagine the smell, I hate the smell when I cook deer/moose meat, heart and liver for the dogs, it's awful but the dogs love it :)