maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

Skeletons here and there :)

The new background is made by Itkupilli (link on the bottom of the page) and it's done from a painting called "Garden of Death" by Finnish painter Hugo Simberg. I've always loved this painting and now with the Skellingtons I think that it fits quite well :)

This painting has been painted on 1896 and it's only16x17 cm in size. It pictures the idea of life after death by Simberg - there's no angels but skeletons who tend the heavenly garden tenderly and welcome new gardeners. I think that it's really beautiful idea and the painting really gives you this warm and caring feeling despite the skeletons :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. Hi Ira,
    very original blog blackground...I love it!
    And Mr Scheletro (but is he Mr Poe?) is very terrific-nice!
    What beautiful idea! Good,good eh!eh!

  2. Thanks :D Yes, this first Skellington what I have will be Mr. Poe - I've broken one of his hand off which is good as now I can glue it to a position to look that he's writing :)

    And I love this painting, look at the caring expression of the skeleton on the right, it's so heart warming :)

  3. I am having so much fun with my branwave and this new backdrop just inspires me more :)

  4. Your teasing me! I'm so unpatient still, even on Christmas I have to use some good willpower not to peek in the packages - and I'm almost 40, worst than the kids :D

  5. Me encanta tu nuevo fondo!!!!
    A mi me parecen hasta simpaticos jejeje
    besitos ascension

  6. Wow! A big change!
    What can I say? I take note ...

  7. Love the colours of your new background:)