sunnuntai 30. toukokuuta 2010

Poe has been a hard builder :D

As the arrival date of his bony friends is coming closer and closer, Poe has been working hard with his house and this is how it looks like now:

This is going to be the living room:

And here's the official enterance from which is access to the kitchen

There's a pic of him when he was a bit healthier looking :D

And here's the currently open air upstairs

On the left side will be the bedroom and on the right the bathroom.
Still a lot of to do, but I'm going to finish the downstairs first, as it's fast job now :) And I'm missing lots of furniture, so more building to do. And lights, they are a problem, as the rooms are so low and I'd like to keep all the lights to be candle or oil lights.

Now a BIG CUP of coffee and a couple of cigs - too much work done in a couple of days :D

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  1. I love this house and have been following from afar Ira as you do soooo many post per day it seems! lol

    It look so creepily real! I love the whole ambience and it's all fantastic! Have you stained most of the wood very dark mahogany or is it black?

    Michelle xx

  2. Thanks Michelle :) All the walls are black as is the downstairs floor, the furniture and upstairs floor is dark mahogany. And I'm really happy that it looks creepy :D

  3. Just sat down with a large cup of coffee too. Can´t wait to see when you move in the detailing stuff. I really like the spooky feeling to the house, and the way the dark mahogany gives a shine to it. Is that glasspaint you´ve used to give the shine?

    Wondering where the four guys are going to sit when playing cardgame?

  4. Realized that my comment on the giftpost hasn´t been published. So glad the package reached you without any damage on the things. Also glad that you like the stuff :0) The dragonfly and the lady with mask is actually keyrings I made a while ago. The metalplate is from the discount supermarket, I thought it might be great as a tabletop as Susanne say...

  5. Very beautiful house.

    Greetings Natascha

  6. Esta cogiendo todo un aspecto tenebroso ,que me encanta,desde luego esta trabajando muy duro pero el resultado es magnifico

  7. Annie, thanks :) Well, I don't know, there will be 2 armchairs in the livingroom, maybe Poe and the gambler are just playin, the anorectic Maharadja is probably in the kitchen making food, as he now has managed to be bulimic :D And I have a small plan for the poet, but it will be not reaveled yet ;)

    And thank you Natascha and sagrario :)

  8. Oh, I like it. It has a certain eerie feel to it. I especially like the living room.

  9. It looks fantastic I love the way youve done the floor what did you use for the flooring or did I miss that post? Looks like its almost ready of moving in day! Kate xxx

  10. Me gustan todos los rincones de tu enigmatica y tenebrosa casa.
    El salon con el cuadro y ese sofa de madera esta "de muerte", las escaleras que solo de pensar en subir,me tiemblan las piernas jejeje
    Arriba estas haciendo el baño no?
    Seria bueno que hubiese una sorpresa en esa bañera jejeje
    Me encantaria estar trabajando en un proyecto como el tuyo, debe ser muy gratificante e imaginativo.
    besitos ascension

  11. Very interesting!It is the first time that I look 2 house together to make one house.

  12. Thanks all :) Kate, the floor is this ready cut strip wooden floor, really easy to work with.

    Ascension, yes, there will be a bathroom upstairs and the bedroom, I'm probably going to build a box bed.

    Sonya, I'm really suprised how well the two houses fit together and how the layout works really nicely :) The Orchid by itself is really small, couln't have put the kitchen in there.

  13. The two houses go along together great! And I just LOVE the way the house looks all in black!Great great work Ir! :). ( and you have a beautiful wallpaper yourself too :))

  14. Thanks :) And I love that wallpaper, it was also available in black as were the table and chairs, but no, boring hub wanted white... I would LOVE to have a all black diningroom with chrystal chandliers, but no...

  15. I really love this house, Ira. The living room is, perhaps, my favourite -- so atmospheric and quite creepy! I can't wait to see more!

  16. I'm really enjoying following the building and creation of this house. I love it, the whole feel and atmosphere it has! It's like the mystery places I dreamt of visiting...

    I have also been admirimg those wonderful soaps you make! I usually use fimo to make mine but these seem to have a different special look to them. Do you use something else?

  17. Your house is coming along great! I am enjoying watching your progress.
    I visited Poe's real house in Philadelphia PA. It was dark and chilly inside. All of the furniture was mahogany with red velvet as were the heavy drapes, if I remember correctly...
    Can't wait to see what you do next!

  18. PS. I signed the guest book at Poe's house. :)
    If you ever go to see it, look for my name! LOL

  19. Swweeeeeeeet!! This house is coming together so nicely! Don't worry about getting it done before the helpers come ! They can all perform acrobatics and entertain you while you work :).

    I think it's real funny you making the Dandy Raj cook ! LOL. I think that will cure his anorexia real fast !

  20. Thanks you all :) Kathi, it would be fab to go there someday :) Sans - yes, I'm sure they'll entertain me quite a lot :D

  21. great job .. sure that the lights would dim for a house just like this.

  22. Mamma mia! How beautiful is this house: disturbing and fantastic, very Poe!
    You're doing a wonderful job. I decided to publish the photo of a desk-library that I want you to send because I do not want it to be among your next purchase, seen as going fast :-)