perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

Poe's kitchen coming together

I'll be busy this weekend with Poe's house, as I've heard a rumour, that there's 3 visitors coming over the seven seas, so the house better be up by then :)

The dry sink and chair kits came and this is how they look like now:

There's a fab new light from Ray Storey, his lights are amazing!

Sorry for the poor picture quality, but this black interior is quite challenging to take pictures of. Now off to do some more construction work :)

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  1. OMG! It is just WONDERFUL!!! So creepy and dreary. It is just the sort of kitchen I would expect him to have. You're doing such great work!

  2. I was hoping they are comming to you! Cool! Some friends at last! The kitchen is absolutely fab! I simply love it! The sink is great!
    I know making a good picture and without a lamp in the dark miniroom is a real achievement!:)
    I read your comment too: now all that sleepless nights I will spend thinking and waiting starting now...You are way too good!!! Thank you so much!

  3. Ira hello, send me your address, I must send you a packet!
    you find my email in my profile, thanks!
    a hug, Caterina

  4. Caterina, I just sent you an email :)

    Catherine and Ewa - thank you :) But Poes kitchen was just a minute away from being a former kitchen - I got for some reason a huge melt down with two lights and there was some smoke already coming from one fixture... Well, the good thing is that the possible smoke marks don't show on the walls :D

    So, off to do some wiring, I just hate it!

  5. Ira, it's wonderful. So dark and gloomy, absolutely perfect!

  6. The traces of smoke would be just giving the natural used effect to the walls ;) Glad nothing seriously happened!

  7. It's awesome Ira - and thank goodness it didn't all go up in smoke!!

  8. Hello Ira, I finally make it to your blog and find this ! It is so cool !!
    I love Poe (I will make him one day ! ) and this is just the most perfect kitchen,
    julie xxx

  9. Last night I could not write comments because of fluctuating internet connection.
    But did you also black sink?! I know that Mr. Poe does not want to clean and remove grease from the stove and its neighborhoods and this color confuses the dirt ...
    Seriously, all it really creepy!!!
    In the depths of my wardrobe got a little something to find this house, I'll send next week!

  10. Very beautiful this atmosphere dark! I like the job that you have made on sink.It not seem a kit of the chrysbon.
    Really an accurate job in the least details.

  11. Your visitors will be very confortable!...LOL...Sans it is a gret storyteller and your Mr Poe house looks wonderful!

  12. I am following your "Poe" house with a morbid sort of fascination....such darkness and gloom! That range is amazing and your glowing coals are perfect! Thank you for showing how! I am glad that the "fire" did not ruin everything but just add some authentic blackness....looking forward to seeing the friends arrive!

  13. can't wait to see your Poe's House to be complete, Ira!
    Love it! :)


  14. Las visitas van ha encontrar el lugar maravilloso!!!
    Me encantaria poder ver todos los detalles en vivo, debe ser genial.
    La luz es una maravilla, la fuente del agua con su toalla es un gran detalle.
    La mesa me encanta y aunque es dificil sacar una foto con un fondo negro, has conseguido que parezca de una pelicula antigua, genial!!!
    besitos ascension

  15. Ira, I'm just trying to catch up, and wanted to pop in and tell you marvellous I think this looks. The dry sink is outstanding. And the light! Perfect. You must be so happy!

  16. I wanted to tell you that the smoke and burnt fuses will be so perfect for the dearly departed souls :). Although surely this kitchen is way too fancy for the 3 skinny blokes, one of them still refusing to eat? You are a master builder, Ira. If only they have contractors like you in real life over here, your business will be so booming!

    Gorgeous kitchen ! Everything's dandy ! hehe